Online Learning

Awareness and Prevention of Harassment provides participants with essential understanding of what harassment is, what actions and behaviours might be considered harassment, and what employees can do if they believe they’ve been harassed.

Developed in conjunction with Open School BC, this interactive, online one-hour program introduces key legislative and policy issues, and uses sample scenarios, video clips, quizzes, and a simulated harassment case in video format to facilitate learning.

WEBINAR: Productive Workplace Interactions

This one hour interactive webinar presents an overview of the concepts and skills of collaborative conflict resolution. You will explore factors that lead to conflict escalation and those that can de-escalate conflict. You will have opportunities to identify and practice the attitudes and behaviours that lead to positive outcomes in conflict situations.

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WEBINAR Wednesday: Understanding the Duty to Accommodate

Accommodation is an equality concept that seeks to build inclusive environments that respect the differences and the rights of a diverse society. This is an interactive 60 minute webinar.

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