Job Action Appointment and Duties of Returning Officer


  1. A bargaining agent for which a vote is being held must appoint a returning officer to act under subsection (2) for the purpose of the vote and set the date, times and places for voting and provide eligible persons with not less than 48 hours notice of where to vote.
  2. Subject to the Code and this regulation, the returning officer must
    1. set the form of ballot and ensure that it poses the following question, as applicable, in these words:
      Are you in favour of a strike [ ] Are you in favour of a lockout [ ]
    2. act as a scrutineer and if necessary appoint additional scrutineers to be present while ballots are cast and counted,
    3. prepare a voters list and keep a record of the persons to whom ballots are issued,
    4. fix the number and location of polling places,
    5. resolve questions concerning eligibility of voters,
    6. ensure that the vote is conducted by secret ballot and that there is compliance with Schedule 1, and
    7. when the vote is completed,
      1. prepare and sign a return of poll in the form set out in Schedule 2, and
      2. provide a copy of it to the bargaining agent.