Legislative Update 


Jun 19

No. 2019-01

Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Code Changes


Dec 18

No. 2018-05

Legislative Update No. 2018-05: Changes to the Employment Standards Act: Maternity and Parental Leave

Oct 23

No. 2018-04

New Cannabis Regulations

Attachment: Cannabis Control Regulation

Attachment: Impairing Substances in the Workplace Toolkit

Oct 03

No. 2018-03

Cannabis Legalization Effective October 17, 2018

Attachment: Impairing Substances in the Workplace Toolkit

Jun 28

No. 2018-02
Cannabis Legalization Effective October 2018

May 28

No. 2018-01

Changes to the Employment Standards Act


Jun 15

No. 2017-01

BC Human Rights Code Amendment


Nov 25

No. 2011-01

Repeal of Teaching Profession Act and end of the British Columbia College of Teachers


Apr 09

No. 2009-01
Changes to Electronic Records of Employment


Dec 08

No. 2008-03
Provision of Records of Employment to Employees

Jul 17

No. 2008-02
Class Size Regulation Amended
Class Size Regulation

Apr 09

No. 2008-01
Criminal Records Review Act
Criminal Records Review Program 2008
Amendments to the Act
Offences Reviewed Under the Act
What do the 2008 Amendments Mean for Districts
Phase-in Period
Are Districts Required to Pay for the Criminal Records Checks
Current version of the Criminal Records Review Act


Oct 12

No. 2007-05
Reference Guide:The Elimination of Mandatory Retirement

Jun 22

No. 2007-04
Elimination of Mandatory Retirement

May 04

No. 2007-02
Bill 21, Teaching Profession (Teacher Registration) Amendment Act, 2007 and Bill 22, Education Statutes Amendment Act, 2007

Apr 30

No. 2007-03
Government Moves to Eliminate Mandatory Retirement
Government Backgrounder

Mar 28

No. 2007-01
Bill 12, Teachers’ Collective Agreement Act Introduced in the Legislature Today


Mar 10

No. 2005-02
Bill 20, School (Student Achievement Enabling) Amendment Act, 2007

Jan 24

No. 2005-01
Changes to the Teaching Profession Act and Bylaws of the BC College of Teachers