Teacher Collective Agreement Administration Bulletin

These bulletins are a supplement to the Teacher Collective Agreement Administration Manual.


Oct 17

No. 8

Seniority and Sick Leave Porting and TTOC Benefits

No. 8 - Attachment Seniority Verification Form

No. 8 - Attachment Sick Leave Verification Form


Dec 17

No. 7

Standard Provincial Extended Health Plan Termination Age - Grievance Settlement

No 7-Attachment Memorandum of Agreement re EHB Termination Age

Nov 04

No. 6

LOU 16(c): Article C.4 TTOC Employment - TTOC Experience Credit Transfer within a District

No 6-Attachment LOU 16c

No 6-Attachment Forms A & B -November 2015

May 05

Article C.4: TTPC Employment - Provincial Collective Agreement

Feb 05

No. 4
Article B.1.2 - Increases to Allowances (updated)


Dec 17

No. 3

Provincial Collective Agreement 2013-2019- Retroactivity of Extended Health Benefits Improvements

Nov 05

No. 2

Provincial Collective Agreement 2013-2019 - Benefits Improvements

Sep 23


Provincial Collective Agreement 2013-2019 - Implementation Issues: “Struck Work”


Oct 10

No. 1
The 2011-2013 Provincial Collective Agreement

May 25

No. 24

Non Standard School Calendar

May 15

No. 23

Layoffs - Legislative Requirements 


May 31

No. 22

Article C.2.3.b.i - Teacher-on-Call (Seniority Calculation)
Article C.2 - Seniority
Article B.7 - Reimbursement for Personal Property Loss


May 25

No. 21
Porting of Seniority and Sick Leave
Article G.1: Portability of Sick Leave Form
Article C.2.2: Seniority Form


Sep 30

No. 19
Article C.2.2 - Porting of Seniority
Article G.1 - Portability of Sick Leave
Joint communication from BCPSEA and the BCTF
Updated BCPSEA Teacher Collective Agreement Administration (TCAA) Manual content for C.2.2 and G.1
Porting of Seniority - sick leave charts
Letter of Understanding No. 15: Article C.2
Letter of Understanding No. 16: Article C.2 and G.1

Aug 27

No. 18
Article B.8 Optional Twelve-month Pay Plan 
LOU No. 11 Re: 2008 Salary Harmonization (LOU 3.b – Amalgamated Districts) 
LOU No. 12 Re: Teacher Supply and Demand Initiatives

Jun 27

No. 17
Common Provincial Articles - An Updated Consolidation
Status of Interface Provisions
Working Document Update 3
LOU No. 8: Updating the PCA - Process
Summary of all Changes/Additions to PCA 3 Language
PCA 3 Common Provincial Articles

Apr 21

No. 16
Layoffs - Legislative Requirements


Oct 19

No. 15
Category 5+ and Red Seal Trades Qualification

Oct 03

No. 14

PCA 3 - Developing Your Working Document
Harassment Report Disclosure

Common Provincial Articles
Inserting the Provincial Articles

Sep 11

No. 13
Bill 33 – Education (Learning Enhancement) Statutes Amendment Act

Jun 21

No. 12a

PCA Article C.2 Seniority and G.1 Portability of Sick Leave — Summary of Holden Decision

Revised Verification Forms
Verification of Accumulated Seniority Credit
Verification of Accumulated Sick Leave Credit

Jun 08

No. 12

PCA Article C.2 Seniority and G.1 Portability of Sick Leave

Irene Holden decision re employees on Leave of Absence

Apr 05

No. 11

Preparation Time - Non Instructional Day and and Statutory Holiday

Award 1: Arbitrator Burke, SD No. 75 (Mission), April 26, 2005

Award 2: Arbitrator Lanyon, SD No. 68 (Nanaimo-Ladysmith), January 29, 2007

Award 3: Arbitrator Kinzie, SD No. 73 (Kamloops-Thompson), April 2, 2007

Action: District Analysis of Preparation Time Language

Mar 13

No. 10
Porting Seniority (C.2.2) and Sick Leave (G.1.1)
Verification of Accumulated Seniority Credit Form
Verification of Accumulated Sick Leave Credit form
See revised forms under Bulletin No. 12a June 21, 2007

Mar 02

No. 9

Irene Holden Clarifications & Implementation Advice
Holden Letter: Clarification of Preparation Time
Holden Letter: Clarification of Portability of Seniority and Sick Leave

Jan 16

No. 8

Teacher Collective Agreement Implementation Update: Holden Process
Decision of Irene Holden, January 16, 2007

Jan 09

No. 7
Teacher Collective Agreement Implementation Update


Nov 27

No. 6
Process Clarification: Local Bargaining, Mid-Contract Modifications, and Updating of the Provincial Collective Agreement

Nov 24

No. 5

Formalization of Middle School Provisions
Memorandum of Agreement Template

Oct 17

No. 3
Teacher Collective Agreement Implementation Update

Sep 22

No. 2
Salary Indemnity Plan Allowance: Frequently Asked Questions

Sep 08

No. 1
BCTF Ratification 
Implementation Questions

Jan 01

Teacher-Public School Employer Collective Bargaining
Historical Perspectives


Apr 01

A Question of Alternatives
Avoiding and Resolving Collective Bargaining Impasses