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WEBINAR: Understanding the Duty to Accommodate (On-demand)

Accommodation is an equality concept that seeks to build inclusive environments that respect the differences and the rights of a diverse society. This is an interactive webinar.

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WEBINAR: Understanding the Grievance Procedure (On-demand)

Understanding and effectively using the grievance process to resolve disputes arising from administration/application of the collective agreement is crucial in unionized workplaces. This is an interactive webinar will introduce participants to the purpose and impact of the grievance process in the workplace; the role that union representatives and manager have within the grievance process; and how to investigate, prepare and respond to grievances at each stage of the process.

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WEBINAR: Productive Workplace Interactions (On-demand)

Workplace conflict occurs when there’s a disagreement among employees due to opposing interests, personalities, purposes, beliefs, or ideas. Conflict in the workplace is natural and inevitable. But it’s our perception of conflict that will colour our experience. The videos and activities in this webinar will highlight productive ways to address conflicts you may encounter in the workplace.

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WEBINAR: Disability Management: An Introduction (On-demand)

Disability Management is one component of a Workplace Health Promotion Program. Employers have a legal obligation to prevent workplace illnesses and injuries and to accommodate diverse-abled employees, whether an impairment is a result of illness, injury or a medical condition. This interactive webinar outlines the important features of a workplace health promotion program.

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WEBINAR: Effective Health and Safety Committees (On-demand)

A Health and Safety Committee is an advisory body consisting of employers and employees working together to improve occupational health and safety in their workplace. This interactive webinar details what is needed for effective joint health and safety committees.

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