Emergent bulletins are distributed to all school districts as issues arise. Some are more reference based for practitioners, others more time sensitive for both trustees and district staff.

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No. 2012-02

Bill 14 – Workers Compensation Amendment Act 2011 

OH&S Principles for Principals 

Domestic Violence in the Workplace – WSBC Toolkit 

OH&S Service Providers Online 

WorkSafeBC Loss of Earnings Policy Consultation

No. 2012-01

OH&S Principles for Principals 

Bill 14 – Workers’ Compensation Amendment Act 2011

Day of Mourning- April 28

No. 2011-03

Job Action 

Joint Occupational Health and Safety 

Committees Accident 


First Aid Attendants

No. 2011-04

Workers' Compensation Amendment Act - Bill 14 

Mental Health in the Workplace 

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

No. 2011-03

Job Action Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees Accident Investigations First Aid Attendants

No. 2011-02

WorkSafeBC Rates for 2012 
Principles for Principals
School Start-up Safety

No. 2011-01

WorkSafeBC Update
Compressor Safety Valve Testing
Cleaning Schools in Summer
Best Practices in Health, Safetly and Wellness

No. 2010-01

WorkSafeBC Manager of Interest — Public Education
Preliminary Rates 2011-2012
Violent Incidents
WCAT Decision

No. 2009-12

Cell Phones and Driving

No. 2009-09

H1N1, Undue Hazard and Refusal of Unsafe Work
Updated Exposure Control Plan Template

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