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WorkSafeBC’s Claims Management Solutions


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WorkSafeBC’s Claims Management Solutions

On May 11, 2009, WorkSafeBC launched the new online Claims Management Solutions (CMS) system that was designed to streamline and manage the claims process more effectively, and improve service.

When fully operational, WorkSafeBC states CMS will result in faster case handling and claim payments, more support for injured workers, and less administrative work for employers.

Impacts on service

With the launch of CMS, WorkSafeBC is encountering a number of problems. Some of the problems have included double payments, confusing disclosures, lack of customer service, cancelled expedited medical services, and claims information going to the wrong people in an organization or the wrong organization.

Dealing with these problems has overloaded the Case Managers to the extent that claims processing has slowed to a crawl. WorkSafeBC has set up a team to deal with the over 22,000 tasks that the system has flagged and that need to be resolved for the claims processing to proceed.

Tell us how the change has affected you

Have you encountered any problems or service challenges since the May 11, 2009 CMS launch?

If you have had some issues, have they been resolved and how were they resolved? 

Kindly forward all feedback at your earliest convenience to Mark Grabas at markg@bcpsea.bc.ca.

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