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ISSUE 2011-03: September 15, 2011

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Job Action


Joint Occupational Health and Safety Site Committees


Accident Investigation


First Aid Attendants


What if There is no Agreement Regarding Occupational Health and Safety Operations


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If you have questions about the issues raised in this newsletter, or any health, safety or wellness issue, please contact Sue Ferguson at 604.730.4502 or

Job Action

A number of questions have come up related to the BCTF’s job actionI contacted both WorkSafeBC and the BCTF Occupational Health and Safety Department to ensure all parties have a common understanding of how the strike affects health, safety and wellness issues.

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Site Committees

These are joint committees under OHS Regulations. They are manadated under Part 3 Division 4 Section 125- 140 of the Workers Compensation Act. They are not considered administrative committees under the School Act.

The JOSH Committee should continue to be scheduled and take place as usual during job action.  The committee is jointly chaired by both the employer and worker representative.  The minutes should be posted as soon after the meeting as possible. Additionally, there should be a mechanism to ensure staff can make their concerns known to the committee.

Routine site inspections should continue as normal.

If your district has a District Committee that is regularly scheduled, it may continue to meet.  It is not required to do so by the legislation. If meeting becomes an issue you may chose to temporarily suspend the District Committee, unless it has been accepted as a variation by WorkSafeBC.

Accident Investigations

Accident investigations should continue with both an employer and worker representative in accordance with Division 10 of Part 3 of the Workers Compensation Act.

First Aid Attendants

The employer must ensure that a person who is designated as a first aid attendant:

(a) has successfully completed the first aid training course or first aid examination developed or approved by the Board,

(b) has a first aid certificate in good standing at the required level issued by the Board or a person recognized by the Board, and

(c) meets any other requirements determined by the Board for designation as a first aid attendant.

[Enacted by B.C. Reg. 348/2003, effective March 30, 2004.]

As the First Aid attendant must have a valid certificate, they are required to attend the training in order to continue in the position, should their certificate lapse during job action.

What if There is no Agreement Regarding Occupational Health and Safety Operations?

Please call Sue Ferguson at BCPSEA 604 730 4502  

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