BCPSEA Services

BCPSEA focuses on human resource solutions and providing labour relations advice and resources. However, we are best known for our role in collective bargaining, the largest component of BCPSEA’s “core business.” 

Our mandate also includes other selected areas of human resource management, including exempt staff contracts and compensation, health, safety and wellness, and pension and benefits. 

We take pride in providing timely and accurate information for decision making; our service areas are supplemented by research and information, and technology infrastructure.

Collective Bargaining

  • Manage all three phases of teacher-public school employer collective bargaining preparation, negotiations and implementation/administration.

  • Provide assistance to school boards in concluding collective agreements. This includes providing research, legal advice, coordination and, where requested, becoming involved directly in negotiations or dispute resolution.

Labour Relations

BCPSEA provides advice and assistance to school district staff on collective agreement administration and interpretation, dispute management and resolution, and labour relations strategies. BCPSEA also manages and funds arbitrations considered to have provincial implications.

Exempt Staff

BCPSEA provides advice and assistance on a wide range of exempt staff employment matters, including compensation administration under the statutory system in place in the K-12 public education sector, employment contracts, termination of employment, performance management, interpretations and application of government compensation guidelines/mandates, and public sector reporting requirements including the executive compensation disclosure reports under the Public Sector Employers Act. We assist school districts in developing, implementing and maintaining credible and defensible terms and conditions of employment, including compensation plans for exempt staff - superintendents, secretary-treasurers, principals, vice-principals, and other exempt staff. 

Human Resources

  • Provide advice and standards on a range of human resource matters, such as termination of employment, job evaluation and reclassification, and application of government compensation guidelines.

  • Offer pension and benefits management and administration.

Specialized Services

  • Develop and provide a wide variety of professional development opportunities

  • Create and maintain the Employment Data and Analysis System (EDAS) which collects employment data to improve understanding and assist in analysis of the K-12 system labour force. 

  • Create and maintain Make a Future, a comprehensive recruitment and employment service supporting BC's school districts in finding, attracting and retaining top-quality employees. 

  • Supporting school districts through development and delivery of a model framework program for Attendance Support and Wellness, adaptable to individual district needs, including materials, training, and one-on-one support.