Sector Services

Occupational Health & Safety

BCPSEA supports the public education sector to maintain and enhance safe workplaces.

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Joint Job Evaluation Program

The purpose of the Joint Job Evaluation Program is to implement and maintain a standardized method of measuring and classifying support staff jobs in BC Public School Districts.

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Employment Data and Analysis System (EDAS)

EDAS is a human resource information database used by BCPSEA and the Ministry of Education and Child Care to improve the accessibility and quality of employment data.

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Professional Learning & Events

Disputes and the Collective Agreement

December 12 & 13, 2022 - Resolving the disputes in the unionized context requires understanding and confidence participating in the grievance process - from informal discussion to preparing for arbitration.

This 1.5-day course offers a comprehensive and hands-on skills development approach to effective grievance handling.

Focus is placed on learning how to interpret collective agreement language and prepare for and respond to grievances, including union representatives. Participants will develop a keen understanding of how to utilize the grievance process to resolve disputes in a productive and timely manner that brings clarity and closure to issues arising from the administration / application of the collective agreement.

We will be offering this course via Zoom.  Participants will be supported and coached online as they work through exercises and sector-specific case studies to enhance the learning.

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Webinar: Productive Workplace Interactions

December 14, 2022 - Conflict is one of the most frequent, yet challenging forms of social interaction. It taps into our values, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, judgements and emotions and is greatly influenced by the skills and aptitudes of the individuals involved. Even after the immediate conflict has ended, the outcome and the manner in which it came about linger on. If a mutually satisfactory resolution was reached, the relationship will likely be strengthened. If the outcome is perceived to be unfair to either party, however, the result often ranges from mutual avoidance to anger, fear or even retaliation.

With the proper use of collaborative conflict resolution, parties retain the greatest control over the process and outcome of their conflict, while maximizing the opportunity for strengthened future interactions and relationships.

Explore the concepts and skills of collaborative conflict-resolution in this 45-minute webinar.  You will delve into the factors that lead to conflict escalation and those that can de-escalate conflict.  You will identify and reflect on the attitudes and behaviors that lead to positive outcomes in conflict situations.

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Oncore Learning and Support provides learning opportunities for school districts.

Our course offerings are separated into two general categories:

  • Awareness/Information: Webinars to expand knowledge about HR/LR topics.
  • Learning for practitioners: In person/virtual hands-on-learning to advance HR/LR skills and knowledge.
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Collective Bargaining


The Provincial Collective Agreement between BCPSEA and the BCTF expired on June 30, 2022. Bargaining for a renewed Provincial Collective Agreement began on March 15, 2022. A tentative agreement was reached on October 28, 2022. The renewed Provincial Collective Agreement was ratified by both parties on November 30, 2022.

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Unionized Support Staff

For support staff bargaining, boards of education bargain directly with their union locals. To support local negotiations, the K-12 Presidents' Council and Support Staff Unions bargain with BCPSEA at the provincial level to develop a Provincial Framework Agreement (PFA). On September 15, 2022, a tentative PFA was reached.

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