Teacher Collective Agreement Administration Manual



School District Representatives
LRB Process for New Inclusions
Mid-Contract Modifications
Amalgamated School Districts
Local Bargaining

Section A: The Collective Bargaining Relationship

Article A.1:
Term, Continuation, and Renegotiation

Article A.2:
Recognition of the Union

Article A.3:
Membership Requirement

Article A.4:
Local and BCTF Dues Deduction

Article A.5:
Committee Membership

Article A.6:
Grievance Procedure

Article A.7:
Expedited Arbitration

Article A.8:
Leave for Provincial Contract Negotiations

Article A.9:
Legislative Change

Article A.10:
Leave for Regulatory Business as per the Teachers Act

Section B: Salary and Economic Benefits

Article B.1:

Article B.2:
Teacher on Call Pay and Benefits

Article B.3:
Salary Determination for Employees in Adult Education

Article B.4:
EI Rebate

Article B.5:
Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Article B.6:
Salary Indemnity Plan Allowance

Article B.7:
Reimbursement for Personal Property Loss
Claim Form for Private Vehicle Damage
Registration Form for Personally Owned Professional Materials

Article B.8:
Optional Twelve-Month Pay Plan

Article B.9:
Pay Periods

Article B.10:
Reimbursement for Mileage and Insurance

Article B.11:

Article B.12:
Category 5+

Section C: Employment Rights

Article C.1:

Article C.2:
Form: Verification of Accumulated Seniority Credit
Seniority and Sick Leave Porting Guide

Article C.3:

Article C.4:
Teacher Teaching on Call Employment

Section D: Working Conditions

Article D.1:
No Provincial Language

Article D.2:
No Provincial Language

Article D.3:
Alternate School Calendar

Article D.4:
Elementary Preparation Time

Article D.5:
Middle Schools
Checklist: Introducing a New Middle School Program
Template: Letter of Understanding

Section E: Personnel Practices

Article E.1:
Non-Sexist Environment

Article E.2:
Harassment/Sexual Harassment

Section G: Leaves of Absence Article

Article G.1:
Portability of Sick Leave
Form: Verification of Accumulated Sick Leave Credit
Seniority and Sick Leave Porting Guide

Article G.2:
Compassionate Care Leave

Article G.3:
Family Responsibility Leave

Article G.4:
Bereavement Leave

Article G.5:
Unpaid Discretionary Leave

Article G.6:
Leave for Union Business

Article G.7:
TTOCs Conducting Union Business

Article G.8:
Teachers Teaching On Call – Conducting Union Business Negotiating Team

Letters of Understanding

LOU 1:
Designation of Provincial and Local Matters
Appendix 1 – Provincial Matters
Appendix 2 – Local Matters

LOU 2:
Re: Agreed Understanding of the Term Teacher Teaching on Call

LOU 3a:
Re: Section 27.4 of Bill 27 Education Services Collective Agreement ActTransitional Issues – Amalgamated School District

LOU 3b:
Re: Section 27.4 Education Services Collective Agreement Act Rate of Pay Maintenance Schedule Extension

LOU 4:
Re: Employment Equity – Aboriginal Employees

LOU 5:
Re: Teacher Supply and Demand Initiatives

LOU 6:
Re: Employment Equity – Aboriginal Teachers

LOU 7:
Re: Article C.2 – Porting of Seniority & Article G.1 Portability of Sick Leave –
Simultaneously Holding Part-Time Appointments in Two Different Districts

LOU 8:
Re: Article C.2 – Porting of Seniority – Laid off Teachers Currently on the Recall List

LOU 9:
Re: Provincial Extended Health Benefit Plan

LOU 10:
Re: Committee to Discuss Teacher Compensation Issues

LOU 11:
Re: Committee – TTOC Call-Out and Hiring Practices

LOU 12:
Re: Committee – Secondary Teachers’ Preparation Time

LOU 13:
Re: Committee – Adult Educators’ Preparation Time

LOU 14:
Re: Economic Stability Dividend

LOU 15:
Re: Recruitment and Retention – SD No. 51 (Boundary)

LOU 16a:
Re: Article C.4 TTOC Employment – Melding Exercise

LOU 16b:
Re: Article C.4 TTOC Employment – Transitional Issues

LOU 16c:
Re: Article C.4 TTOC Employment – TTOC Experience Credit Transfer within a District

LOU 17:
Re: Education Fund and Impact of the Court Cases

Letters of Intent

LOI 1:
Re: Formalization of Middle School Provisions
Checklist: Formalization of Existing Middle School Programs
Letter of Understanding

Administrative Documents


Letter of Understanding Re: Section 27.4 Education Services Collective Agreement Act – Local President’s Leave

Memorandum of Settlement Re: Section 27.4 Education Services Collective Agreement Act – Recognition, Union Membership and Dues Deductions

Collective Agreement Administration Bulletins

Sent out as necessary