Harassment/Sexual Harassment Training

BCPSEA offers a variety of harassment training programs to assist school districts in the administration of Article E.2 of the Provincial Collective Agreement between the BC Teachers’ Federation and the BC Public School Employers’ Association.

These training programs are designed to provide districts with appropriately trained individuals in order to satisfy the requirements of the Provincial Collective Agreement, Article E.2 Harassment/Sexual Harassment and WorkSafe BC Bullying and Harassment. While these programs focus on the provisions of the teacher agreement, the concepts and skills are also useful to individuals with management responsibility for support staff.

An overview of each of the training programs follows the schedule set out below.

Workshops Offered

Online Awareness and Prevention of Harassment Training

BCPSEA offers the following e-learning opportunity.

Developed in conjunction with Open School BC, Awareness and Prevention of Harassment will provide participants with a better understanding of what harassment is, what actions and behaviours might be considered harassment, and what employees can do if they believe they’ve been harassed. This one-hour program, available only to BC public school employees, covers key harassment legislation and policy; it also includes sample scenarios, as well as a simulated harassment case in video format.

Awareness and Prevention of Harassment online can be accessed here

Conducting Harassment Investigations

This program approaches the investigation of harassment complaints from a number of perspectives — the employer’s responsibilities under the collective agreement and the BC Human Rights Code, the essential elements of a fair and thorough investigation, and the role of educational leaders in dealing with harassment matters. There is significant focus on how to write a harassment report; we include direction on report structure, content and reasoning, and identify common mistakes made by investigators. The program will also include an update on outstanding issues, recent decisions, and the Dorsey report disclosure process.

This workshop is very hands-on and will focus on skill development in the critical areas of assessing credibility, dealing with conflicting evidence or testimony, and finding ways to corroborate or refute allegations in the absence of witnesses and/or where the stories conflict.

Candidates selected should have good judgement, be seen as balanced in their thinking and have sufficient profile in the district to be able to make hard decisions. Candidates must take the Online Awareness and Prevention of Harassment Training prior to attending this session.


When: TBA
Where: BC Public School Employers' Association
300 - 2889 East 12th Avenue
Cost: $575 + GST
Prerequisite: Online Awareness and Prevention of Harassment


If you have any questions concerning these training opportunities, please contact Debbie Craig at debbiec@bcpsea.bc.ca or 604.730.4519. For questions regarding logistics of the workshops, please contact Donna Verones by e-mail at donnav@bcpsea.bc.ca or by phone at 604.730.4501.

In addition to the scheduled workshops offered above, other sessions may be scheduled at a later time if there is an identified need. We are prepared to offer this training in other regions of the province if requested and if there is sufficient participation to meet our expenses. BCPSEA will also offer specifically designed harassment workshops to meet local needs upon request. Please contact Debbie Craig to request a regional venue or district-specific workshop.

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