Webinar: Understanding Disability Management

Course Description

Did you know that workplace absences cost the Canadian economy more than $16 billion annually, and yet less than half of Canadian organizations make any effort to track employee absences?   An effective disability management program can help reduce the financial and human costs associated with employee illness, injury and disease.

Join us for this interactive 45 minute webinar to learn about the core components of an effective Disability Management Program and review strategies to assist you to support your employees to return to work in a safe, timely and productive way.

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When: TBD  (9:00 am to 9:45 am)
Where: Via Webinar
Cost: $33 + GST (per person)

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If you have any questions concerning the workshop, please contact Donna Verones by e-mail at donnav@bcpsea.bc.ca or by phone at 604.730.4501.

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