Webinar: Understanding the Duty to Accommodate

Course Description

Accommodation is an equality concept that seeks to build inclusive environments that respect the differences and the rights of a diverse society.

Human rights and accommodation in the workplace means doing our best to remove barriers so that all employees can fully participate at work regardless of their race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, age, sex, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, marital or family status, political belief and/or criminal convictions (unrelated to their employment).

This interactive 30 minute webinar will introduce participants to:

  • basic human rights terminology and concepts with a particular focus on the "duty to accommodate" and "undue hardship";
  • what human rights law says and requires where duty to accommodate is concerned; and
  • the role and responsibilities that employers, unions and employees have in connection with accommodation processes in the workplace.

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When: TBD
Where: Via Webinar
Cost: $33 + GST (per person)

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If you have any questions concerning the workshop, please contact Donna Verones by e-mail at donnav@bcpsea.bc.ca or by phone at 604.730.4501.

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