No. 2009-23

/No. 2009-23/


Emergent bulletins are distributed to all school districts as issues arise. Some are more reference based for practitioners, others more time sensitive for both trustees and district staff.

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No. 2009-23

Bill 33: BCTF Class Size and Composition Grievance for 2009-2010 School Year

No. 2009-22

Update - Class Size and Composition Arbitration

No. 2009-21

BC Transit Case Summary

No. 2009-20

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC): Investigator’s Recommendations Regarding BCTF Collection of Student Support Information
OIPC Letter - Breach Notification, June 19, 2009

No. 2009-19

BCTF Updated Administrative Guide and Fee Structure

No. 2009-18

Class Size and Composition Grievances

No. 2009-17

Organization of Classes for the 2009-10 School Year

No. 2009-16

BCTF Collection of Student Support Information
Elementary Teacher Report Form - Student Support Needs for 2009-10

No. 2009-15

Political Pamphlets in the News

No. 2009-14

Freedom of Expression: Distribution of Union/Political Materials on Educational Issues on School Property to Parents or Through Students