Constitution & Bylaws

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April 26, 2022

BCPSEA’s 28th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held January 27-28, 2022. At the AGM, two special resolutions were debated and carried:

Special Resolution S-1 submitted by School District No. 35 (Langley)

BE IT RESOLVED that Schedule 3, 3.2 of the BCPSEA Bylaws be amended as follows: that SD 35 (Langley) be moved from the Fraser Valley Employer Regional Grouping to the Metro Employer Regional Grouping

Special Resolution S-2 submitted by BC Public School Employers’ Association

BE IT RESOLVED that the BCPSEA bylaws be amended as follows to reflect the school district name changes as approved by the Provincial Government:

  • To change SD No. 70 from Alberni to Pacific Rim
  • To change SD No. 73 from Kamloops/Thompson to Kamloops-Thompson

Both special resolutions required changes to the BCPSEA Bylaws. They have been approved by the Minister of Finance (responsible for the Public Sector Employers Act). BCPSEA has filed an updated copy of the BCPSEA Bylaws as required by the Societies Act.

November 15, 2021

At the 2021 BCPSEA Annual General Meeting held January 28, 2021, a resolution was passed to review BCPSEA director election structures (Resolution O-1). The BCPSEA Board of Directors convened a Trustee Director Election Review Committee to address Resolution O-1.

The Trustee Director Election Review Committee conducted a survey of all 60 school districts. All 60 boards of education responded, and nearly 77% indicated they prefer to keep the current governance structure. The results were shared with the BCPSEA Board of Directors. The Board of Directors determined they will not be bringing forward a recommendation to change the bylaws to the 2022 AGM.

Further details are available in this report.