The BCTF has been directing teachers not to conduct the oral component of the provincial French language examinations that are or will be scheduled for students to take between December 5 and January 13.

The BCTF has also directed teachers not to mark the “essay” components of provincial exams that are marked locally (English 10, English 10 First Peoples, Francais Langue Premiere 10, Civics 11, Éducation civique 11, Social Studies 11, Sciences humaines 11, BC First Nations Studies 12, and Études des Premières Nations de la C.-B. 12 (“ the identified Provincial exams”).

In a decision (B221/2011 attached) issued today, December 2, 2011, the LRB has issued a ruling that provides, on an interim basis, that: 

  • BCTF members will continue their activities with respect to the Oral Component of the Français langue première 12 and Français langue seconde immersion 12 in the usual manner at the times currently scheduled or to be scheduled; and 
  • BCTF members will continue to mark the identified Provincial exams as they have in the past, subject to administrators being utilized to the best extent possible. The parties should discuss how to implement this direction at the local level and ensure that marking is done in a timely manner to ensure a student’s progress is not impeded.

Attachment: LRB Decision B221/2011