Webinar: Productive Workplace Interactions

Course Description

Conflict is one of the most frequent, yet challenging forms of social interaction. It taps into our values, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, judgements and emotions and is greatly influenced by the skills and aptitudes of the individuals involved. Even after the immediate conflict has ended, the outcome and the manner in which it came about linger on. If a mutually satisfactory resolution was reached, the relationship will likely be strengthened. If the outcome is perceived to be unfair to either party, however, the result often ranges from mutual avoidance to anger, fear or even retaliation.

With the proper use of collaborative conflict resolution, parties retain the greatest control over the process and outcome of their conflict, while maximizing the opportunity for strengthened future interactions and relationships.

Explore the concepts and skills of collaborative conflict-resolution in this 45-minute webinar.  You will delve into the factors that lead to conflict escalation and those that can de-escalate conflict.  You will identify and reflect on the attitudes and behaviors that lead to positive outcomes in conflict situations.

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When: April 10, 2024 (9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.)
Where: Via Zoom – link to be provided prior to the webinar
Cost: $75 + GST (per person)


Space is limited so please register early to avoid disappointment.  Please note, should there be insufficient enrollment to meet minimum requirements for a session, the workshop will be cancelled and registration fees will be refunded.

Register Now – April 10, 2024


If you have any questions concerning the workshop, please contact Donna Verones by e-mail at donnav@bcpsea.bc.ca or by phone at 604.730.4501.

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