Emergent bulletins are distributed to all school districts as issues arise. Some are more reference based for practitioners, others more time sensitive for both trustees and district staff.

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No. 2

2019-2022 Provincial Collective Agreement Finalized

No. 1

Porting of Seniority

No. 1 – Attachment Verification of Accumulated Seniority Credit

No. 8

Seniority and Sick Leave Porting and TTOC Benefits

No. 8 – Attachment Seniority Verification Form

No. 8 – Attachment Sick Leave Verification Form

No. 7

Standard Provincial Extended Health Plan Termination Age – Grievance Settlement

No 7-Attachment Memorandum of Agreement re EHB Termination Age

No. 6

LOU 16(c): Article C.4 TTOC Employment – TTOC Experience Credit Transfer within a District

No 6-Attachment LOU 16c

No 6-Attachment Forms A & B -November 2015


Article C.4: TTPC Employment – Provincial Collective Agreement
No 5 ATTACHMENTS-LOUs 16 a b c Updated Nov 2015
No 5-ATTACHMENTS-LOU-C4 Transfers-Forms-Updated Nov 2015

No. 4

Article B.1.2 – Increases to Allowances (updated)

No. 3

Provincial Collective Agreement 2013-2019- Retroactivity of Extended Health Benefits Improvements

No. 2

Provincial Collective Agreement 2013-2019 – Benefits Improvements


Provincial Collective Agreement 2013-2019 – Implementation Issues: “Struck Work”

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