Health and Safety Issues


Sep 14

Public School District Presentation 2017

2017 Preliminary Rate Consultation


Jul 22

No. 2015-01
• WorkSafeBC Updates
• WCAT Decisions
• Bill 9
• Proposed Changes to Stop Work Orders
• Asbestos Programs
• 2016 Assessment Consultation
• Free Resource for Wellness


Oct 14

No. 2014-01
WorkSafeBC Updates


Sep 19

No. 2013-03

WorkSafeBC Updates
Play it Safe

Apr 26

No. 2013-02
WorkSafe BC Updates
WorkSafe BC Board of Directors Approves Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policies
Voice Dysfunction and Teachers

Feb 05

No. 2013-01

WorkSafeBC Updates
Attachment:Bullying and Harassment Employers Forum


Dec 20

No. 2012-06
WorkSafeBC Updates

Nov 06

No. 2012-05
Extracurricular Activities and WorkSafeBC (WSBC) Coverage

Sep 12

No. 2012-04
Workers Compensation Amendment Act, 2011 (Bill 14) and Policy on Harassment and Bullying

Jul 09

No. 2012-03

Workers Compensation Amendment Act - Bill 14

Jun 05

No. 2012-02

Bill 14 – Workers Compensation Amendment Act 2011 

OH&S Principles for Principals 

Domestic Violence in the Workplace – WSBC Toolkit 

OH&S Service Providers Online 

WorkSafeBC Loss of Earnings Policy Consultation

Mar 23

No. 2012-01

OH&S Principles for Principals 

Bill 14 – Workers’ Compensation Amendment Act 2011

Day of Mourning- April 28


Nov 07

No. 2011-04

Workers' Compensation Amendment Act - Bill 14 

Mental Health in the Workplace 

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Nov 07

No. 2011-03

Job Action 

Joint Occupational Health and Safety 

Committees Accident 


First Aid Attendants

Sep 15

No. 2011-03

Job Action Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees Accident Investigations First Aid Attendants

Sep 01

No. 2011-02
WorkSafeBC Rates for 2012 
Principles for Principals
School Start-up Safety

Feb 16

No. 2011-01
WorkSafeBC Update
Compressor Safety Valve Testing
Cleaning Schools in Summer
Best Practices in Health, Safetly and Wellness


Sep 17

No. 2010-01

WorkSafeBC Manager of Interest — Public Education
Preliminary Rates 2011-2012
Violent Incidents
WCAT Decision


Dec 14

No. 2009-12
Cell Phones and Driving

Oct 23

No. 2009-09
H1N1, Undue Hazard and Refusal of Unsafe Work
Updated Exposure Control Plan Template

Sep 18

No. 2009-11
H1N1 in Schools — Not an Unsafe Work Environment 

Sep 06

No. 2009-06
WorkSafeBC’s Claims Management Solutions

Sep 04

No. 2009-10
Refusal of Unsafe Work – H1N1

Jul 22

No. 2009-08
Mental Stress

Jun 24

No. 2009-07
Update on WorkSafeBC’s Claims Management Solutions

May 07

No. 2009-04
H1N1 (Swine Flu) Influenza Update
Exposure Control Plan Template

May 06

No. 2009-03
H1N1 Influenza Update
Employment Implications of a School Closure
Ministerial Order
Template Letter

Apr 28

No. 2009-02
Swine Influenza Update
Precautionary Measures
Recommended Actions
Links to follow for up to the minute information

Jan 27

No. 2009-01
When is Working Alone Not Working Alone
WorkSafeBC 2009 Rates
Review Division Update


Oct 16

No. 2008-08
Refusal of Unsafe Work
Refusal of Unsafe Work Flow Chart
Updated WorkSafeBC Forms

Jul 31

No. 2008-07
WorkSafeBC 2009 Assessment Rates
Update - Mandatory Retirement for Bus Drivers
Reminder - Notification of Decisions
Symposium 2008 Session
Discussion Paper

Jun 30

No. 2008-06
roposed Amendments to the Policies on Notification of Decisions and Notification of Rights of Review and Appeal
Discussion Paper

May 21

No. 2008-05
WorkSafeBC Teleclaim
Revised Working Alone Guidelines
Teleclaim Application - Worker
Guideline G4.21 Procedures for checking the well-being of workers

Mar 31

No. 2008-03
OH&S Survey 2008 Highlights
Changes to the WorkSafeBC OH&S Guidelines
Coming Attractions
Guidelines G7.28-G7.29 Heat Stress
Guidelines G-D10-172-1 Board Notification of Serious Injuries

Feb 25

No. 2008-02
Inspection frequency of automotive lifts — are you meeting the minimum requirements?
WorkSafeBC introduces a new Form 7, Employers Report of Injury or Occupational Disease
Sample Monthly Inspection


Dec 05

No. 2007-01
WorkSafeBC 2008 Assessment Rates
What will you pay in 2008?
Amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations effective February 1, 2008.

In particular, amendments have been made to the following parts of the Regulation:

  • Part 3, Rights and Responsibilities, relating to occupational first aid
  • Part 4, General Conditions, relating to working alone or in isolation
  • Part 5, Chemical and Biological Substances
  • Part 6, Substance Specific Requirements relating to biohazardous material
  • Part 9, Confined Spaces, relating to isolation procedures in confined spaces
  • Part 11, Fall Protection, relating to fall protection for stunt workers
  • Part 13, Ladders, Scaffolds and Temporary Work Platforms, relating to work platforms and fall protection
  • Part 14, Cranes and Hoists and Part 16, Mobile Equipment, relating to cranes and hoists
  • Part 30, Laboratories, relating to fume hoods