@ Issue


Sep 05

No. 2019-04

BCTF FSA Pamphlets and Messaging

Attachment: Signed MoA between BCPSEA and BCTF re: Protocol Processes and Procedures Agreement

Attachment: 2019 Parents Should Know - FSA

Attachment: Request that your child be excused from the FSA

Jun 24

No. 2019-03

Distribution of Union /Political Materials to Parents

Mar 20

No. 2019-02

G.6 Leave/Employers' Health Tax and New EI Parental Leave - Sharing Benefit

Mar 04

No. 2019-01

Economic Stability Dividend: May 1, 2019


Nov 09

No. 2018-06

Economic Stability Dividend 2019

Sep 11

No 2018-05

BCTF FSA Pamphlets and Messaging

Mar 27

No 2018-04

Layoffs - Legislative Requirements

Mar 14

No. 2018-03

Provincial Discussions Regarding Work Experience Credit 

Mar 01

No. 2018-02

Economic Stability Dividend: May 1, 2018

Attachment: Allowance Calculations Templates May 2018

Jan 24

No. 2018-01

Update: Impact of Federal Changes to Employment Insurance Parental Benefits on Parental Leave Top Up

Attachment: Settlement Agreement re Extension of Parental Leave Benefit Period and Supplemental Employment Benefit Plan


Dec 22

No. 2017-21

Changes to EI "Family Caregiver" Benefits

Nov 22

No. 2017-20

Amended: School Psychologists

Nov 17

No. 2017-19

Federal Changes to Employment Insurance Benefits

Nov 09

No. 2017-18

Economic Stability Dividend 2018

Oct 10

No. 2017-17

Mid-Contract Modifications (MCM) Process Reminder

Sep 20

No. 2017-16

BCTF FSA Pamphlets and Messaging

Protocol - Distribution of Union Materials

Attachment - Parents Should Know

Attachment - Withdraw your child from the FSA

Sep 06

No. 2017-15

Update: Impact of Reduced Employment Insurance Waiting Period on Supplemental Employment Benefit Plans

Attachment - Settlement Agreement Between BCPSEA and BCTF re Impact of Reduced EI Waiting Period on Maternity/Parental SEB Plan

Attachment - Guiding Principles Agreement re EI and Support Staff Collective Agreements

Jul 05

No. 2017-14

Freedom of Information Requests

Attachment - Freedom of Information Requests

Jun 29

No. 2017-13

BCTF and BCPSEA Discussions

Jun 05

No. 2017-12

LOU No. 17 MoA Implementation: Union Data Requests

Attachment: Information Sharing Agreement Template

May 23

No. 2017-11

LOU No. 17 MoA Implementation Meetings with the BCTF

Apr 28

No. 2017-10

Implementation of Memorandum of Agreement: BCPSEA Responses to BCTF Frequently Asked Questions

Attachment: BCTF FAQ - Implementation of MoA - April 13, 2017

Apr 21

No. 2017-09
General Updates

Mar 17

No. 2017-08
Calculating Grade 3/4 Split Class Size Maximums

Mar 10

No. 2017-07

BCPSEA Board Approves Memorandum of Agreement Arising from Supreme Court of Canada Decision

Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) re: LOU No. 17: Education Fund and Impact of the Court Cases - Final Agreement

Mar 04

No. 2017-06

 Parties Reach Tentative Agreement Arising from Supreme Court of Canada Decision

Feb 27

No. 2017-05

Freedom of Information Request (CUPE)

Attachment - CUPE FOI request

Jan 26

No. 2017-04

Economic Stability Dividend - May 1, 2017 - UPDATED

Attachment Allowance Calculation Templates May 2017

Jan 16

No. 2017-03

Layoffs - Legislative Requirements

Jan 12


BCTF FSA Pamphlets & Messaging

Attachment FSA Protocol

Attachment 2017 Parents Should Know

Attachment Request child be excused from FSA

Jan 05

No. 2017-01

Parties Reach Priority Measures Memorandum of Agreement

Signed Memorandum of Agreement between BCPSEA, MoE, and BCTF

Ministry of Education (MoE) News Release - January 5, 2017


Dec 13

No. 2016-11

Supreme Court of Canada Decision: Next Steps

Dec 09

NO. 2016-10
Supreme Court of Canada Decision: Next Steps

Dec 06

No. 2016-09
Supreme Court of Canada Decision: Next Steps

Dec 02

No. 2016-08

Supreme Court of Canada Decision: Next Steps 

Nov 30

No. 2016-07
Supreme Court of Canada Decision: Next Steps

Nov 29

No. 2016-06

Economic Stability Dividend

Nov 14

No. 2016-05
Supreme Court of Canada Decision re BCTF Appeal

Nov 10

No. 2016-04

Information Update:BCTF Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada

Jun 07

No. 2016-03

Compensation Increases: July 1, 2016

Apr 13

No. 2016-02

Teachers - Wage and Allowance Increases

UPDATE: Allowance Calculation Templates May 2016

Mar 29

No. 2016-01

Layoffs - Legislative Requirements


Dec 14

No. 2015-05

Economic Stability Dividend

Nov 24

No. 2015-04

BCTF FSA Pamphlets & Messaging

Attachment BCTF Pamphlet Withdraw your child from the FSA

Attachment BCTF Pamphlet Parents Should Know

Nov 17

No. 2015-03

Economic Stability Dividend

LOU - Economic Stability Dividend.pdf

May 15

No. 2015-02

Use of Employment-Related Criminal Record Checks

Mar 16

No. 2015-01

Layoffs - Legislative Requirements


Nov 14

No. 2012-03

Supreme Court of Canada Renders Decision on Supplementary Employment Benefits

Apr 16

No. 2014-02

Essential Services Designations

Jan 20

No. 2014-01

Criminal Records Check – Important Update


Oct 21

No. 2013-06

Academic dual Credit Courses - Contracting Out 

Sep 24

No. 2013-05

BC Court of Appeal Rules No Discrimination in Supplementary Employment Benefits Case

May 21

No. 2013-04

Court of Appeal Award — Freedom of Expression Update

Attachment:BC Court of Appeal decision

May 06

No. 2013-03

BC Court of Appeal Rules on Increment Increases During Maternity Leave

Apr 02

No. 2013-02

Layoffs — Legislative Requirements

Jan 23

No. 2013-01
BCTF Media Campaign: “Wear Black Day” on January 28, 2013


Nov 14

No. 2012-14
Collective Agreement Considerations for Implementing Your
2013-2014 Locally Determined School Calendar

Jun 15

No. 2012-13

The Labour Relations Board has today issued a one-page “bottom-line” decision with respect to the application filed by BCPSEA on May 9 for a declaration that the BCTF and its members have declared or authorized or are engaging in an illegal strike, contrary to the Labour Relations Code and the Education Improvement Act.

Attachment: LRB Decision

May 09

No. 2012-12

BCPSEA Applies to the Labour Relations Board for Relief from BCTF Strike Activity

Application Letter to the LRB
Application Attachments

Apr 26

No. 2012-11

Labour Relations Board Dismisses BCTF Application Alleging School District Violations of April 20 Order on Report Cards and Submission of Marks 

Attachment:  LRB Decision

Apr 24

No. 2012-10

Frequently Asked Questions: Labour Relations Board Order on BC Teachers’ Federation Illegal Strike Action — Report Cards and Submission of Marks 

Attachment:  Sample Abridged Report Card

Apr 20

No. 2012-09

Labour Relations Board Orders All Students Marks Must be Submitted and Report Cards Prepared 

Attachment:  LRB Order - Report Cards

Apr 13

No. 2012-08

Repeal of Section 78.1(1) of the School Act Bill 22 – 2012, the Education Improvement Act, was proclaimed into law on  March 17, 2012. It includes the repeal of section 78.1 of the School Act effective April 14, 2012.

Apr 11

No. 2012-07

BCPSEA Files Report Card Application at Labour Relations Board Today

Mar 29

No. 2012-06

We are receiving reports from school districts regarding information they have been provided outlining the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and some local teacher associations’ “plans for action” in their opposition to the Education Improvement Act (the Act).

Mar 25

No. 2012-05

Bill 33 Consultation Requirements

Mar 23

No. 2012-04

Most school districts will be returning from Spring Break on Monday and BCPSEA has received some inquiries about what to expect over the next few weeks. After any strike action a period of adjustment is necessary for the workplace to return to normal and we will be reporting to districts as matters arise.

Jan 24

No. 2012-03
To mark the 10th anniversary of Bills 27 and 28, the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) is organizing a protest for Friday, January 27, 2012, which they are calling a “Dark Day for Public Education in BC”. The BCTF is asking teachers to mark the occasion by wearing black in their classrooms, and have supplied local teachers’ associations with buttons, t-shirts, bumper stickers, pamphlets, and other promotional items. With respect to the protest planned for Friday, January 27, 2012, BCPSEA’s position is that teachers should not wear in the classroom buttons or t-shirts with political messages that may engage students in the teacher’s political views on Bills 27 and 28. If teachers wear attire with political messages in the presence of students, they should be reminded that this is not permitted under the arbitral jurisprudence and should be asked to remove it from the classroom.

Jan 19

No. 2012-02

It is our understanding that some local teachers’ associations are sending home union materials to parents through students on the issue of the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA). The same legal principles and procedures will apply to FSA materials as with any other union materials going home to parents on an educational issue.

Jan 18

No. 2012-01

On August 23, 2011 BCPSEA reached a signed agreement with the BCTF on a resolution process to resolve the approximate 10,000 classes that are presently under grievances for the 2006–2010 school years. The process has now been successfully completed for the 1,668 classes under grievance covering 18 school districts for the 2006-07 and 2007-08 school years. All class size grievances for the 2006-07 and 2007-08 school years have now been resolved. BCPSEA is very pleased how this process worked and would like to thank each district and local association involved. 

Attachment: Signed agreement on a resolution process


Dec 29

No. 2011-19

In a decision released today, the BC Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal of the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) in respect to the decision of Arbitrator John Hall on the preliminary issue of whether the union’s grievance pertaining to student code of conduct requirements under Ministerial Order 276/07 is arbitrable.

Nov 01

No. 2011-18

Arbitrator Mark Thompson has issued his confirming that students must be insulated from political messages in schools. More specifically, teachers may not post union political materials on school walls/doors or wear union political buttons in the classroom. 

Attachment: Thompson Decision - Freedom of Expression

Sep 27

No. 2011-17

Arbitration award of Arbitrator Dorsey on the issue of the Superintendent Class Size Report to the Board

Attachment: Superintendent's Class Organization Report

Sep 15

No. 2011-16
Bill 33 consultation during job action

Sep 07

No. 2011-15
Freedom of Expression: Teachers' Distribution Letters to Parents during BCTF Strike Action

Jun 29

No. 2011-14
Class Size Arbitration Update

May 20

No. 2011-13

Government commences consultation with BCTF re Bills 27 and 28

For a review of the B.C. Supreme court decision and the class size legislation, please see our Perspectives in Practice - The Organization of Schools, Legislation, the BC Supreme Court, and Now What

May 19

No. 2011-12
Class Size Arbitration Update
Arbitrator Dorsey Award

Mar 30

No. 2011-11
BC Court of Appeal Remits Dispute Back to Arbitrator

Mar 29

No. 2011-10
Layoffs-Legislative Requirements (Teachers and Support Staff)

Mar 29

No. 2011-09
Class Size Update March 29, 2011

Mar 18

No. 2011-08
Class Size Update
Arbitrator Steeves Award - expedited arbitration SD 67

Feb 28

No. 2011-07
Student Codes of Conduct - Award

Feb 24

No. 2011-06
Freedom of Expression Arbitration Update
Freedom of Expression - Black Arm Band Award

Feb 22

No. 2011-05
Class Size Arbitration Update

Jan 27

No. 2011-04
BCPSEA Meets with BCTF to Discuss Bargaining Structure

Jan 24

No. 2011-03
Clarification of District Obligations Regarding
Local vs. Provincial Bargaining

Jan 20

No. 2011-02
Distribution of Union Materials to Parents through Students 
What is Presently Occurring

Jan 12

No. 2011-01
Responding to Calls for Local Bargaining


Dec 06

No. 2010-26
BCTF Local Bargaining Initiative
Report from the Chair, November 1, 2010
Sample Letter

Oct 18

No. 2010-25
Class Size
Arbitration Award: 2010-2011 School Year - "15 school days after the school opening day" and Consultation on Class Changes and New Classes after September 30th. 
Dorsey Arbitration Award, October 18, 2010

Sep 28

No. 2010-24
BCPSEA Mid-Contract Modification Processes

Sep 14

No. 2010-23
Class Size — Consultation Requirements
Guidelines for Implementing Class Size and Composition Provisions
Union Template Letter

Sep 13

No. 2010-22
Public Education Benefits Trust Joint Early Intervention Service and Long-term Disability Reporting 
PEBT Joint Early Intervention Service (JEIS) and Long-Term Disability Reporting - September 2010

Sep 07

No. 2010-21
Determining Appropriate for Student Learning

Aug 18

No. 2010-20
BCTF Signing Authority

Jul 09

No. 2010-19
Class Size Update
Current Arbitrations and Court Proceedings

Jun 15

No. 2010-18
Summer School Teachers — Arbitration Implementation Follow-up

May 26

No. 2010-17
Organization of Classes for the 2010-11 School Year
BCTF Template Letters

Apr 30

No. 2010-16
Summer School Teachers — Arbitration Implementation

Apr 23

No. 2010-15
Summer School Teachers — Arbitration Award Follow-up

Apr 21

No. 2010-14
Summer School Teachers — Decision on Inclusion in Bargaining Unit
Arbitration Award, April 21, 2010

Apr 01

No. 2010-11
Layoffs – Legislative Requirements (Teachers and Support Staff)
Labour Relations Code - Section 54
Employment Standards Act - Section 64

Apr 01

No. 2010-12
Class Size Update

Mar 19

No. 2010-10
Summer School Teachers – Inclusion in Bargaining Unit

Mar 09

No. 2010-09
Class Size Update

Feb 22

No. 2010-08
Clarification of Remedy Award – Class Size and Composition: 2006-07 and 2007-08 School Years (18 Districts) 
Arbitration Award, February 22, 2010

Feb 05

No. 2010-07
Class Size Update

Feb 04

No. 2010-06
Class Size: Arbitration Update – SD No. 70 (Alberni) – Mandatory Replacement of Absent Education Assistant

Jan 21

No. 2010-05
Inclusion of Summer School Teachers in the BCTF Bargaining Unit

Jan 20

No. 2010-04
BCPSEA and BCTF Agree to Grievance Resolution Process: Class Size and Composition — 2006-07 and 2007-08 School Years
Grievance Resolution Process – Class Size – 2006-07 & 2007-08 School Years
BCTF Proposal: Appendix G - Expedited Arbitration Process for non "Appendix D" Issues

Jan 11

No. 2010-03
Background: Class Size and Class Composition Disputes Remedy Award — Class Size and Composition: 2006-07 and 2007-08 School Years (Five Districts) 
The Remedy Sought by the BCTF 
The Remedy Determined by Arbitrator Dorsey Remedy Award — Primary Class Size Average (Alberni School District) 
Arbitration Award: Remedy – Grades 4 - 12 Class Size and Composition: 2006-07 and 2007-08 School Years
Arbitration Award: Primary Class Size Average – Board of Education, School District No. 70 (Alberni): 2006-07 and 2007-08 School Years

Jan 07

No. 2010-02
Class Size Arbitration — Superintendent’s Class Size Report to the Board 
NDTA grievance
Arbitration Award, January 4, 2010

Jan 05

No. 2010-01
Operational Issues Before or During the Foundation Skills Assessment Administration Period in January and February


Dec 18

No. 2009-40
One-Year Protocol Process and Procedures for Distribution of BC Teachers’ Federation Material Regarding the Foundation Skills Assessment
Consent Award

Dec 18

No. 2009-39
Update: Agreement on Internal Trade and BC College of Teachers Bylaw Changes

Dec 16

No. 2009-38
Parties to a Dispute - Update

Oct 28

No. 2009-37
(Amended November 3) 
Class Size Instructions after October 1 

Oct 20

No. 2009-36
Labour Relations Considerations for the Implementation of Full Day Kindergarten and Before/After School Care

Oct 02

No. 2009-35
Arbitration Award: Professional Autonomy

Sep 30

No. 2009-34
Class Size Arbitration Award: Media Reports

Sep 25

No. 2009-33
Class Size and Composition: Letters from Union
Local Union Letter to Parents Re: “IEP Disclaimer Form” 
Local Union Letter to Parents on Class Size and Composition

Sep 25

No. 2009-32
Arbitration Award: Preparation Time
Arbitration Award, Preparation Time, September 24, 2009

Sep 23

No. 2009-31
Arbitration Award: Professional Autonomy
Doresy Arbitration Award, September 22, 2009

Sep 18

No. 2009-30
Definition of Consultation Under the Class Size Regulations

Sep 15

No. 2009-29
Bill 33: Privacy Issues

Sep 15

No. 2009-28
Bill 33: Consultation Process - Frequently Asked Questions
BCTF advice to local presidents
Consult Form: Record of Consultation Discussions
Sample Letter to Teacher for Consult (Revised)
Template Form for Record of Consent Discussions

Sep 11

No. 2009-27
Class Size and Composition: Dorsey Award, Class Size Regulation 
s. 1(4) - Definition of “Consult”
Further Clarification of BCPSEA Guidelines
Dorsey award, Class Size Regulation, s. 1(4) - Definition of “Consult,” 
September 11, 2009

Aug 24

No. 2009-26
Arbitration Award: Bill 33 - Class Size and Composition, 2006-07 and 2007-08 School Years
Backgrounder: August 24, 2009
Addendum: Extensive Quotes excerpted from the Arbitration Award
Guidelines for Implementing Class Size and Composition Provisions, August 2009 
Class Size 2008 - New Regulation: @Issue No's. 2008-11 & 12 
The Award 
Executive Summary 
BCTF Reaction 
Next Step

Aug 21

No. 2009-25
Arbitration Award: Bill 33 - Class Size and Composition, 2006-07 and 2007-08 School Years 
Dorsey Arbitration Award - August 21, 2009

Aug 20

No. 2009-24
Supreme Court of Canada Denies Leave to Appeal: BC Court of Appeal Decision Re Definition of Strike Stands
BC Court of Appeal Decision
For Your Reference 
Next Steps

Jul 27

No. 2009-23
Bill 33: BCTF Class Size and Composition Grievance for 2009-2010 School Year

Jul 21

No. 2009-22
Update - Class Size and Composition Arbitration

Jul 16

No. 2009-21
BC Transit Case Summary

Jun 22

No. 2009-20
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC): Investigator’s Recommendations Regarding BCTF Collection of Student Support Information
OIPC Letter - Breach Notification, June 19, 2009

Jun 16

No. 2009-19
BCTF Updated Administrative Guide and Fee Structure

Jun 08

No. 2009-18
Class Size and Composition Grievances

May 13

No. 2009-17
Organization of Classes for the 2009-10 School Year

May 01

No. 2009-16
BCTF Collection of Student Support Information
Elementary Teacher Report Form - Student Support Needs for 2009-10

Apr 30

No. 2009-15
Political Pamphlets in the News

Apr 16

No. 2009-14
Freedom of Expression: Distribution of Union/Political Materials on Educational Issues on School Property to Parents or Through Students

Apr 14

No. 2009-13
Layoffs - Legislative Requirements (Teacher and Support Staff)

Feb 09

No. 2009-12
Joint Communication: Foundation Skills Assessment 
BCPSEA-BCTF Joint Communication

Feb 07

No. 2009-11
Applying the Order: Foundation Skills Assessment
Letter: Labour Relations Board, February 7, 2009 
BCPSEA-BCTF Joint Communication

Feb 05

No. 2009-10
Distribution of FSA Union Materials to Parents Through Students
BC Teachers’ Federation Policy Grievance and Position
BCPSEA Response
What is Presently Occurring

Feb 04

No. 2009-09
Applying the Order: Foundation Skills Assessment

Feb 04

No. 2009-08
Court Dismisses Unions’ Appeals: Definition of Strike
For Your Reference

Feb 02

No. 2009-07
Labour Relations Board Decision: BCTF Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) Campaign 
Summary of the BCTF Argument
Summary of the BCPSEA Argument

Jan 30

No. 2009-06
Labour Relations Board Application: Foundation Skills Assessment Campaign
Report from the Chair, January 30, 2009 
Letter to BCTF President, January 30, 200

Jan 28

No. 2009-05
Labour Relations Board Application: Foundation Skills Assessment Campaign
Application to LRB
For Your Reference

Jan 20

No. 2009-04
Class Size Update

Jan 14

No. 2009-03
Foundation Skills Assessment: Labour Relations Implications
Letter to BCTF Re: Foundation Skills Assessment

Jan 09

No. 2009-02
Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA): Hall Expedited Arbitration Award
Hall Arbitration Award, January 9, 2009


Dec 22

No. 2008-17
Reminder of Employers’ Requirement to Provide Pension Information

Dec 18

No. 2008-16
New BCTF Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) Pamphlet
Attachment: BCTF Pamphlet

Dec 12

No. 2008-15
Foundation Skills Assessment - The Battle Over Testing

Nov 24

No. 2008-14
Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

Sep 30

No. 2008-13
Freedom of Expression

Aug 29

No. 2008-12
BCTF Advice to Local Presidents and Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Amendments to the Class Size Regulations

Aug 26

No. 2008-11
Class Size Guidelines for New Regulations
Consent Form
Consultation Form

May 05

No. 2008-10
Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA): Kinzie Arbitration Award – Students as Couriers 
Kinzie Arbitration Award - May 2, 2008

Apr 16

No. 2008-09
Update: Working Documents
Status and Process
Leave Requests

Mar 07

No. 2008-07
Distribution of Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) Results
Attachment: A note to parents about FSA individual student results

Mar 03

No. 2008-06
Distribution of Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) Result

Feb 20

No. 2008-05
Data Request: BC Teachers’ Federation Membership System

Jan 30

No. 2008-04
From Pamphlets to Buttons: The BCTF FSA Opposition Campaign Continues

Jan 24

No. 2008-03
Foundation Skills Assessment: BCTF Opposition Campaign
Scoring FSAs
Incorrect Information: Encouraging Parents to Withdraw their Children
Attachment: Summary of Key Points re FSA Strategy

Jan 21

No. 2008-02
BCTF Opposition Campaign to Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) Escalates

Jan 15

No. 2008-01
Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) 
Recent Actions 
District Response 
BCTF Statement of Principle on Assessment


Dec 03

No. 2007-10
Data Request: BC Teachers’ Federation Membership System

Nov 27

No. 2007-09
Foundation Skills Assessment
BC Teachers’ Federation Position
Pamphlets Containing Inaccurate or Incorrect Information

Nov 02

No. 2007-08
Data Request: BC Teachers’ Federation Membership System
A final note of caution

Oct 16

No. 2007-07
Foundation Skills Assessment
Recent developments
BCTF approaches, strategies and tactics

Sep 25

No. 2007-06
Foundation Skills Assessment

May 30

No. 2007-05
Access to Personal Information

May 04

No. 2007-04
Foundation Skills Assessment: Approaches and Responses

Apr 24

No. 2007-03
Foundation Skills Assessment 
BCTF Action 
FSA Requirements
BCTF Brochure
Report on Education, April 13, 2007, Deputy Minister of Education

Apr 04

No. 2007-02
Foundation Skills Assessment: BCTF Communication