Emergent bulletins are distributed to all school districts as issues arise. Some are more reference based for practitioners, others more time sensitive for both trustees and district staff.

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LRB Order: Summer School

Labour Relations Board Order: Summer School

Essential Services No. 2014-08

Labour Relations Board Order Issued Today Regarding Marks for Grade 10 and 11 Students.

00-Attachment to No 2014-08-June 20 LRB Order.pdf

Essential Services No. 2014-06

The LRB has now issued an Essential Services Order applicable to all support staff union members in the K-12 sector during the full withdrawal strike. 
Attachment to 2014 06 LRB Order Additional Essential Services All Support Staff Unions.pdf

Essential Services No. 2014-05

The LRB has issued a further Essential Services Order today regarding BCTF members
Revised LRB Order June 12 2014 BCTF full strike ESDO.pdf

Essential Services No. 2014-04

LRB Order Issued Today: Supervision of Students During Noon Hour and Recess.

00-Attachment to 2014-04-LRB Order-CUPE recess – lunch – EA order copy.pdf

BCPSEA Application to LRB to Vary Order 74/14
Essential Services No. 2014-03

Responses to frequently asked questions to clarify the “rules” governing the BCTF strike action.

Essential Services No. 2014-02

BCPSEA has received strike notice for all school districts from the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF).
Attachment to No 2014-02 BCTF Strike Notice

Essential Services No. 2014-01

We have now received the Essential Services Designation Order (ESDO) issued by the Labour Relations Board. 
Attachment to No 2014-01 LRB April 17 2014 ESDO

Essential Services No. 2012-10

Education Improvement Act Receives Royal Assent: “Cooling Off” Period Takes Effect March 17.

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