Emergent bulletins are distributed to all school districts as issues arise. Some are more reference based for practitioners, others more time sensitive for both trustees and district staff.

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Essential Services No. 2011-05

This issue includes FAQ’s about teachers’ participation in first-day meetings, activities prior to the start of school, and the responsibilities of a Teacher In Charge (TIC).

Essential Services No. 2011-04

This issue provides information on the organization of class/program composition and formation and the supervision of students during the teacher strike. 

Essential Services No. 2011-03

Attachment: Labour Relations Board decision on Transmission of Attendance during Phase 1 Job Action
This update provides information about the LRB’s decision regarding attendance as well as a detailed overview of student supervision during Phase 1. 

Essential Services No. 2011-02

Attachment: Labour Relations Board decision on BC Teachers’ Federation Phase 1 Job Action

The Board’s decision (B132/2011 attached) determines which activities may and may not be affected if Phase 1 is implemented in September. This update provides information about the Labour Relations Board’s decision on which activities may or may not be affected if a Phase 1 teacher strike is implemented. 

Essential Services No. 2011-01

This update provides information on the requirements for legal strike activity and the essential services process. You will also find FAQ’s about the BC Teacher Federation’s strike vote scheduled for June 24 and June 27-28, 2011 and potential strike activity.

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