Holden Process


July 4

Consent Award Re: Outstanding Issues Regarding Letter of Understanding #12 (Remote Recruitment and Retention Allowance) 109K pdf


June 7

Holden Award: Re: Leaves of Absence and the Porting of Seniority/Sick Leave 81K pdf
BCPSEA Submission, April 17, 2007 BCTF/BCPSEA Dispute Regarding Porting of Seniority and Sick Leave by Employees on Leave 189K pdf

February 28

Letter Decision: Re January 16, 2007 Award and BCTF Supplemental Submission Regarding Preparation Time 99K pdf

February 20

Letter Decision: Clarification of issues related to the portability of seniority and sick leave 80K pdf

January 16

Holden Award: Re: Signing Incentive, Seniority, Sick Leave, Preparation Time, Optional 12-Month Pay Plan 168K pdf

February 7

BCPSEA Reply to BCTF Supplementary Submission: Preparation Time 188K pdf

January 12

BCTF Supplementary Submission: Preparation Time 38K pdf


October 25

BCPSEA Reply to BCTF Submission 558K pdf

  • Attachment 1 – Re: Seniority List 1.3M pdf
  • Attachment 2 – Industrial Inquiry Commission recommendations to resolve a Collective Bargaining Dispute 526K pdf
  • Attachment 3 – Mid-Contract Modification: Article 30 Pay Periods 34K pdf

October 25

BCTF Reply to BCPSEA Submission 334K pdf

October 18

BCPSEA Submission, Outstanding Collective Agreement Implementation Issues 233K pdf

October 18

BCTF Submission, Outstanding Collective Agreement Implementation Issues 338K pdf