Public Education Recruitment and Retention Suport Committee


September 11

Memo 5: PERRSC (Recruitment and Retention Incentives) Reconsideration Process 137K pdf

July 9

Memo 4: PERRSC (Recruitment and Retention Incentives) Decisions Re Eligibility 103K pdf

July 4

Consent Award Re: Outstanding Issues Regarding Letter of Understanding #12 (Remote Recruitment and Retention Allowance) 109K pdf

  • Appendix A – PERRSC Point Assignment 88K pdf
  • Appendix B – List of Approved School Districts or Schools 94K pdf

March 7

Memo 2: PERRSC (Recruitment and Retention Incentives) 97K pdf

January 8

Application – Remote Recruitment and Retention Allowance 181K pdf

  • LOU No.12 – Re: Teacher Supply and Demand Initiatives 19K pdf


December 14

Memo 1: Committee Progress and Timelines 107K pdf