Emergent bulletins are distributed to all school districts as issues arise. Some are more reference based for practitioners, others more time sensitive for both trustees and district staff.

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No. 2009-11

H1N1 in Schools — Not an Unsafe Work Environment 

No. 2009-06

WorkSafeBC’s Claims Management Solutions

No. 2009-10

Refusal of Unsafe Work – H1N1

No. 2009-08

Mental Stress

No. 2009-07

Update on WorkSafeBC’s Claims Management Solutions

No. 2009-04

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Influenza Update
Exposure Control Plan Template

No. 2009-03

H1N1 Influenza Update
Employment Implications of a School Closure
Ministerial Order
Template Letter

No. 2009-02

Swine Influenza Update
Precautionary Measures
Recommended Actions
Links to follow for up to the minute information

No. 2009-01

When is Working Alone Not Working Alone
WorkSafeBC 2009 Rates
Review Division Update

No. 2008-08

Refusal of Unsafe Work
Refusal of Unsafe Work Flow Chart
Updated WorkSafeBC Forms

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