BCPSEA Downplays Unions Warnings About Alberta Bound Teachers

CKNW Radio, 12:00 News, May 19, 2006 Transcript

Announcer:  Despite warnings from the B.C. Teachers’ Federation that the province’s teachers might start leaving for the lure of more money in Alberta, the Public School Employer says they don’t see that happening.

Reporter:  Association chair Ron Christensen says under a new provincial agreement it’s Alberta teachers that for the first time will be able to teach in B.C. with the same license. And Christensen says stats show over the past three years more want to come here than vice versa. Christensen also plays down BCTF numbers that suggest a $12,000 salary gap between B.C. teachers and their Edmonton counterparts.

Ron Christensen: When they talk about Edmonton they talk about the Edmonton Catholic board only and not the public board there. So you can cherry pick everywhere and when you do you’ll find the odd place where the salaries are putting them in [inaudible].